Who We Are: Unleashing Potential, Building Futures with Rookeyz

Welcome to Rookeyz, the most dynamic job platform specifically designed for the youth of today. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations young individuals face in the professional world.

Our story

A Journey from Inspiration to Innovation

The inception of Rookeyz was sparked by a simple yet powerful question: 'Why isn't there a dedicated platform that empowers the young and restless, the dreamers, the future leaders?' We couldn't find one, so we built one. Launched in 2023 by a team of dedicated innovators, educators, and tech enthusiasts, Rookeyz was created with the clear aim of bridging the gap between enthusiastic youth and the ever-evolving job market.

We were all 'rookies' once, trying to navigate the professional labyrinth, fueled by ambition and a burning desire to make a mark. We remember the adrenaline, the curiosity, and yes, the uncertainty. That's why we're passionate about simplifying and humanizing the job search process for young talents.

Today, Rookeyz is more than just a job platform. It's a vibrant community where skills meet opportunities, where resumes transform into impactful stories, and where each job application is a step closer to realizing professional dreams. As we grow, we continue to stay committed to our mission: empowering the youth of today to build the world of tomorrow. This is our story. Now, let's help write yours."

The Rookeyz Journey by Numbers

Our journey has been fueled by our unwavering commitment to connect young talent with the right opportunities. Here's a look at our progress so far through these milestone markers.

Career brochures shared.
Companies that joined our mission.
Videos waiting for you.
One vision, empowering youth.
Our values

Guiding Principles: The Cornerstones of Rookeyz

At Rookeyz, we're not just about connecting job seekers with employers. We're about shaping futures, empowering dreams, and nurturing a culture of growth and mutual respect. Here are the three core values that guide everything we do:


We believe in the power of being yourself. Our platform is designed to empower young individuals to take control of their careers, fueling their ambitions with the right opportunities.


Change is the only constant in the modern work world. We foster a culture of positivity, we encourage thinking outside the box, and we promote constant learning.


We're stronger together. Rookeyz is more than a job platform; it's a global community of aspiring professionals and progressive businesses, sharing and learning from each other.

Our team

Meet the Team

Our team is a vibrant mix of educators, innovators, and tech enthusiasts, all dedicated to empowering the next generation of professionals. Get to know us a little better:

Armina Dobrica
Chief Visionary & Co-Founder

Guiding strategic vision, passionate about youth empowerment.

Vlad Alexandru
COO & Co-Founder

The mastermind behind our operational excellence.

Iulian Patrascu
Video Wizard

Crafting video magic, one frame at a time.

Beatrice Galatanu
Business Mentor

Nurturing your business success, with expert guidance.